Employment Screening

Criminal Record Search

A proper background search will reveal a potential employee’s risk for workplace violence, dishonesty and criminal behavior. LASCO searches county, state and national level criminal records to ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate understanding of the applicant/employee’s background. This check will also search any sex offender registration.

County Criminal Search

This is considered one of the most accurate criminal checks since almost all criminal convictions are recorded here. If an individual has been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, the county in which the violation occurred will most likely hold the record. Your designated LASCO Agent will search all applicable county courthouse jurisdictions across the United States. Most counties maintain information for the last 7 years.

Statewide Criminal Search

This is one of the most powerful checks we can conduct for you. This check covers all states for reported criminal records that are archived and stored in repositories. Additionally, Department of Corrections information, local county information and various other court records are obtained during this search.

Federal Criminal Search

This search reveals criminal offenses that have been prosecuted by federal entities. County and State Criminal Records will not be revealed with this search. This search can reveal if your applicant or potential tenant has been charged with some of the most severe offenses. Our coverage area is every state and federal judicial district.

Registered Sex Offender Search

LASCO uses one of the largest Sexual Offender Child Predator Registries available. This database contains currently registered sex and violent offenders with felony conviction records. Data has been complied from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

County and Nationwide Wants and Warrants Search

This comprehensive search includes all available city and county law enforcement, city and county municipal courts, District Attorneys, State Department of Corrections and many Federal Law Enforcement Agencies wants and warrants databases for any information about your applicant or tenant.

Education Confirmation

LASCO researches the applicant’s claimed education and ensures that the degree was awarded as well as GPA during the dates of attendance reported on the application.

Driving Records Search

The applicant’s driver’s record can show irresponsible driving habits. Drug and alcohol violations may also be revealed with this search. This record also serves to further establish that the applicant’s assertions of age, date of birth, Social Security number, and address.

Employee Drug Testing

LASCO offers urinalysis and oral fluid drug testing that will fit any of your drug, steroid and alcohol testing needs. LASCO can provide the proper test for you and detail the results to you online, and this testing can also be included in the pre-employment report.

Employment Confirmation

LASCO’S employment verification consists of researching the claimed previous employment for the applicant. This is the best indicator of the trustworthiness of the applicant. We confirm the work history, reason for leaving and salary information. We also confirm the employee’s actual held titles and work responsibilities. This is a great tool to ensure that you are not hiring an employee who may have the propensity for violence and dishonesty.

Social Security Track Search

This important search details the history of the applicant’s held social security number, including revealing any other names that are associated with the applicant’s number. If an individual has lived in many different areas, this will be revealed in our SSN Track Search. Different criminal histories in other counties and states are also detailed with this search

Civil Record Search

An employee with liens and judgments is more susceptible to theft and job performance may suffer as a result. This check reveals any outstanding liens and judgments.

Credit Summary

Applicants with poor credit histories may be more susceptible to coercion, bribery and theft. A detailed Credit Summary can show the level of responsibility and character the applicant possesses. LASCO offers an Employment Credit Summary prepared by information gathered by EQUIFAX.

I-9 Verification

LASCO is registered as a designated agent for the Department of Homeland Security’s “eVerify” program. This will determine the work eligibility of each new employee.

Personal and Professional References

Either reference check will reveal the applicant’s measure of honesty, integrity and reliability, as well as attitude and level of work ethic as viewed by peers and co-workers. We obtain all information in an unbiased manner when interviewing friends and supervisors of the applicant.

Professional License Check

Verification of any professional licenses ensures that the applicant actually earned the certification claimed in the resume or application. This is especially important for medical and computer technology industries.

Workers Compensation Claims

Employees with frequent workers’ compensation claims can cost an employer a significant amount of money each year, including temporary replacement employee wages and benefits. Employers are now allowed to access this information with a conditional offer of employment. This information will assist you in making a sound hiring decision.